Just write [right]

During lunch today I was asked by a most lovely friend whether I was still writing my blog posts. The answer was of course no. I haven’t written here since last September! This is not good.

I found myself asking why I wasn’t writing any more, because I suddenly remembered how much I used to enjoy writing posts, whether it be about an event I had been too, some cool art exhibition, some amazing fashion inspiration or about life in general. I remembered the feeling of catharsis it gave me; it calmed me down, it made me feel happier and more positive. So why wasn’t I writing? It didn’t make sense…

As I approach a big change in my life, a potential exciting, but a whole new unknown era, I thought now is a good a time as any to start the writing again. If only for myself and no-one else. And already, writing just this short piece, it feels good, it feels right.

So, my lovely lunch companion, if you are still signed up to updates of my blog, and are reading this, then thank you. Thank you for making me write again. You are one of very few people who can influence me this way, to make me believe in myself.

As we both move on, I will miss you, for sure.



Radio Silence

Apologies for the radio silence for the last week or so. I have been mental busy.

Plus I have been trying to get over lost love. Dramatic I know! But it is just making me want to sleep – and sleep is not really conducive to writing is it…?!

What I should do really is write when I wake at 3 or 4 in the morning when my thoughts awake me, preventing me from sleeping any more. I then usually have a good couple of hours to be productive. This would obvious be much better than allowing the same thoughts to repeat themselves over & over again, until I eventually have to shout at myself to stop; ’stop it Alison. Stop thinking!’

So that is what I will do from now on in and hopefully start writing some more. I have a whole bunch of things ready to write about too – I just need to get on with it now and stop being silly… :)



Questions. Answers?


To me, & to you…

What should I do?

I know what I should do. I KNOW it!


…knowing what to do is one thing. Feeling what to do is entirely different…


Time has passed, and all is still the same; nothing has changed. Hopes, dreams, feelings the same. Confusion, the same.

Life is too short. Way to short. I realise this, do you?

It IS simple.

…can such an opportunity be let go? To drift on by. To what? Nothing?

Can I walk away?

Yes, I HAVE to. I really have to.

No more.

My heart will have to take the hit. Deal with it. Move on…



A Different Love

I haven’t read or saw or watched or found anything to share with you this time.

I am writing this more for myself I suppose. I know it will be of no interest to pretty much everyone apart from me and maybe one or two others. But maybe some may have experienced something similar…

I want to write about what an extraordinary week of emotions I have had; I was very sad at the start of the week, really quite upset, wondering how to bring myself out of the despondency.

Now this sounds odd, but I decided last minute to have a change of hair style…Lol :) This always works for me in bringing me out of a slump – silly I know, but it makes me feel and think differently, about situations and life, and about myself.

I relaxed.

Hope returned.

By the end of the week I was laughing and smiling a lot and I am now feeling pretty positive. I am very grateful for all I have, for my family, and for my friends, who are just ace.

But the real reason I am writing this, and the reason the week was so extraordinary, is that in this new relaxed state, I seemed to feel love a whole lot more than I had previously. I felt love, in love…

That was unexpected, but actually very lovely indeed.



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