A Different Love

A Different Love

I haven’t read or saw or watched or found anything to share with you this time.

I am writing this more for myself I suppose. I know it will be of no interest to pretty much everyone apart from me and maybe one or two others. But maybe some may have experienced something similar…

I want to write about what an extraordinary week of emotions I have had; I was very sad at the start of the week, really quite upset, wondering how to bring myself out of the despondency.

Now this sounds odd, but I decided last minute to have a change of hair style…Lol :) This always works for me in bringing me out of a slump – silly I know, but it makes me feel and think differently, about situations and life, and about myself.

I relaxed.

Hope returned.

By the end of the week I was laughing and smiling a lot and I am now feeling pretty positive. I am very grateful for all I have, for my family, and for my friends, who are just ace.

But the real reason I am writing this, and the reason the week was so extraordinary, is that in this new relaxed state, I seemed to feel love a whole lot more than I had previously. I felt love, in love…

That was unexpected, but actually very lovely indeed.




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