Firefly. Baby

I’ve not written on here for ages (as you can tell). I’ve wanted to, but have been at a bit of a loss of what to write – maybe my creativity left me for a while? Maybe life took over? Maybe I just wanted to hide away? Whatever the reason it’s been inactive for too long. Let’s see if I can start being interesting again…

To those who have faith in me and actually still check this blog on occasion.

Firefly. Baby

You came in to my life again
briefly and beautifully.
Dreamlike in its swiftness
ever-lasting in its warmth.

The flash of a firefly,
a vision of the future.
Serene in its allure
and truthful in its voice.

An outpouring of thoughts,
the sadness of lost time.
Powerful in its effect
yet frustrating in its presence.

Take it with you Baby.
A memory of the unspoken,
a suggestion of longing.
A memory of the past.


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