I’ve not written on here for ages (as you can tell). I’ve wanted to, but have been at a bit of a loss of what to write – maybe my creativity left me for a while? Maybe life took over? Maybe I just wanted to hide away? Whatever the reason it’s been inactive for too long. Let’s see if I can start being interesting again…

To those who have faith in me and actually still check this blog on occasion.

Firefly. Baby

You came in to my life again
briefly and beautifully.
Dreamlike in its swiftness
ever-lasting in its warmth.

The flash of a firefly,
a vision of the future.
Serene in its allure
and truthful in its voice.

An outpouring of thoughts,
the sadness of lost time.
Powerful in its effect
yet frustrating in its presence.

Take it with you Baby.
A memory of the unspoken,
a suggestion of longing.
A memory of the past.



Monday 4th November saw the London Premier of Alastair Lee’s film, ‘The Last Great Climb’. A wonderfully inspiring documentary about adventure climber Leo Holding’s expedition to climb the North East ridge of Ulvetanna: The Wolf’s Tooth, in Antarctica.

I was privileged enough to attend the premier; privileged enough to see and experience the enthusiasm of Leo and his team consisting of:

Leo Holding – Expedition Leader

Sean ‘Stanley’ Leary – Lead Climber

Jason Pickles – Climber

Chris Rabone – Support Climber

Al Lee – Film Director & Photographer

Dave Reeves – Cameraman

The atmosphere right from entering the cinema held a real buzz of positivity, passion and friendliness. How often do you feel that upon entering a room full of strangers?

Winding my way through the incredibly good looking and fit crowd (well it was full of climbing enthusiasts!) I sought out my old school friend Jason (or ‘Pickles’ as we all used to call him – original nickname hey..?!). He was nervous and confessed to not particularly liking being in the spotlight. This is understandable from a well grounded, northern town lad. Jason was and always is very humble about the opportunities that come his way.

After a few more words of encouragement, which no doubt didn’t help to ease his nervousness(!), Jason went off to have some press photos & the rest of us were ushered into the screening room.

We were given a short introduction by Ben Fogle who was then joined by the climbers. A few words from Leo followed about the 3 main objectives of the climb which were,

1) To successfully climb the NE ridge & summit Ulvetanna,
2) To make a film about the climb and,
3) To have a safe expedition and ensure everyone comes back home safely.

All three were thankfully and amazingly achieved. In celebration of this fact a well deserved bottle of champers was opened in a rather unique fashion by Leo and enjoyed by the team.


On to the film…

Simply put, it was absolutely brilliant. It captures the essence of the stunning landscape, the team, their talent, their humour and their personalities beautifully.

The film footage & photography had been edited fluently with the teams personal thoughts and reactions interspersed with the finesse and technicalities of the climbing. The knowledge of adventure filming and skill required from Al and Dave (as well as the teams cooperation) to produce this footage was definitely not underestimated. The final effect was that of space, peace, beauty, skill, friendship and ultimately an appreciation of life.

There was humour mixed throughout, even when conditions seemed to be fighting against their climbing. It was this humour and the tight bond of friendship, trust and humility that makes this wonderful viewing. I wanted to cry at times; definitely not through sadness but from feeling heart-warmed and exhilarated. It really honestly touched me. This, alongside the fact that the whole team are so lovely, decent and inspiring really moved me.

An open Q & A session with the team hosted by the legendary climber Doug Scott  CBE, rounded off the evening, giving us more insightful stories about the trip and the teams thoughts and feelings.


After managing to have a final quick work with Jason, I left the theatre with a feeling positive and inspired!

Amazing. On to the next climb…

The Last Great Climb DVD is available from the 1st of December. It can be preordered & purchased through Al Lee’s company Posing Production’s:

Blog & photos of the climb available here:
Climb Details: http://www.berghaus.com/en/ber_2011/staticpages/ulvetanna/ulvetannaiframe.html

Ulvetanna Blog: http://www.berghaus.com/community/?cat=210

There’s a new Coffee Shop in Town! And this one is definitely not to be missed!

Leamington Spa is rapidly becoming overtaken by a cafe and restaurant culture. This is no bad thing in my book. Especially if we continue to get interestingly delicious, freshly, made-on-the-premises food, delivered in a cool, contemporary and welcoming atmosphere as is offered by The Larder 23.

The Larder 23 is based at 23 Portland Street, just around the corner from Music Matters on Regent Street. it used to be an curious old shop that sold crystals if anyone remembers that..?? It’s of much better use now!

A preview day was held on Saturday 12th October for friends, family and other ‘anon’s’ to sample the atmosphere, coffee’s, fresh juice’s and taster samples of their food.

First of all let me describe the design: it is impeccably stylish and simple, echoing their tag line of “a simple, honest approach”. White washed walls and dark grey slate worktops, with accents of wooden shelving and green foliage. Beautiful. Seating space is located both on the upper and lower floor, where, past the fully working kitchen, there are a couple of tables sneakily tucked under an archway creating a chef’s table of sorts – a great place for meetings and private lunch parties.






Now on to the food…what can I say…I think I may have stuffed myself! This was the sample menu kindly provided for us:







Form this mouth watering selection I sampled the:

– Spicy Corn Muffin
– Pizzette
– Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Tartlet
– Raspberry and Orange Blossom Larder Cake
– Grapefruit, Lime and Ginger Juice and a Black Coffee

Each was simply delicious; full of a sublime combination of flavours, served fresh and beautifully presented.

I could have stayed there all afternoon sampling the dishes and talking to the very welcoming and creative team behind The Larder 23, along with their guests. The atmosphere was vibrant and inclusive. In my mind the venue, the people, the food and the feeling, all added up to offer an exciting vision and inspiration – somewhere to enjoy and be part of.

Good luck to all the team at The Larder 23 – I am sure it will be an absolute success!

The Larder 23 opens its doors fully at 7am on Wednesday 16th October. This place needs to be visited and sampled by all!

Thank you.

Facebook: The Larder 23
Twitter: @TheLarder23

MFAlogo MFA 2013

This year I finally got around to attending the Midlands Fashion Awards in Birmingham, 5 years after it’s inauguration. The key aim of the Awards to to help and promote emerging fashion and accessory designers within the Midlands area, as well as to inspire new talent and enterprises.

I have been following MFA for a few years now and have spoken a couple of times with the Founder and Managing Directory of the event Jenny Eason (who is an absolute inspiration and role model in herself). This year I sensed a huge shift in the Awards presence and status. First of all it moved from the beautiful, but out-of-town venue of Birmingham’s Botanical Garden’s, to a plush but more intimate feeling venue in Birmingham’s City Centre – the Penthouse Suite in the Loft Lounge. The easy accessibility of this venue would, I am sure, have attracted more visitors, including myself.

Secondly, tickets sold out about a week before the event was due to take place – always a good sign!

And thirdly, there was a much more organised and specifically themed presence on the Social Networks. Twitter in particular seemed very well considered and planned; there wasn’t a constant bombardment of information or pushy sales chatter (this in my opinion is a definite positive).

So a combination of all 3 points created a good buzz around the event.

The show itself was well structured and choreographed nicely. The runway was long and floor level – good for the front rowers and end of runway photographers, not so great for anyone on rows further back unfortunately. However, the production team may have predicted this lack of visual as they live streamed the show on monitors around the room. Not the same as seeing the models and designs first hand, but useful none-the-less.

There were some well thought out creations and designs being showcased with a nice variety of garment, cut, pattern and structure. Mostly womenswear was presented with a small collection of menswear from Catalyst by Tamara Joseph (http://www.tamarajoseph.co.uk).  Would have been good to see more menswear – maybe next year?

Young Designer Award

The winner of the Young Designer section was awarded to Sarah King who showed us some earthy and rustic designs of interesting cut and silhouette, inspired from the weathering processes on plant life. The four outfits we saw were wearable and looked of good construction with toned down hues for the Autumn/Winter season.

Incidentally, I was sat next to her parents and when she was announced as winner they were endearingly shocked, but incredible excited for their Daughter – it was a pleasure to witness that reaction.

Independent Designer Award

Fazane Malik (http://www.fazanemalik.co.uk) was the well deserved winner of this category, displaying some skilled and elegant tailoring in her collection of catsuits, dresses and sheer shirts, all trimmed in various ways with her signature cross-hatch pattern. Fazane’s designs are incredible wearable with a hint of masculine cut but always maintaining femininity.

MFA 2014

I can only see a positive future for Midlands Fashion Awards. Next year will hopefully be even more well attended, showcasing a new selection of emerging designers who push the boundaries of tailoring, design, printmaking and creativeness.  I for one will look forward to it.

Thank you.

Photos and reports:



Just write [right]

During lunch today I was asked by a most lovely friend whether I was still writing my blog posts. The answer was of course no. I haven’t written here since last September! This is not good.

I found myself asking why I wasn’t writing any more, because I suddenly remembered how much I used to enjoy writing posts, whether it be about an event I had been too, some cool art exhibition, some amazing fashion inspiration or about life in general. I remembered the feeling of catharsis it gave me; it calmed me down, it made me feel happier and more positive. So why wasn’t I writing? It didn’t make sense…

As I approach a big change in my life, a potential exciting, but a whole new unknown era, I thought now is a good a time as any to start the writing again. If only for myself and no-one else. And already, writing just this short piece, it feels good, it feels right.

So, my lovely lunch companion, if you are still signed up to updates of my blog, and are reading this, then thank you. Thank you for making me write again. You are one of very few people who can influence me this way, to make me believe in myself.

As we both move on, I will miss you, for sure.



On almost a whim I went down to London after work on Thursday 6th September for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out. I’d applied for tickets for the Alexander McQueen Party and thought it is an opportunity not to be missed. So I hopped on the train for a fleeting visit to our amazing capital.

FNO, an event that supports the charity Refuge, has been running for 3 years now and has become a key date in the fashion calendar – with many cities across the world taking part hosting their own events. It’s a celebration of fashion and retail, but also of food and drink and music all mixing together to generate an exciting spectacle of fashion, creativity and fun.

I headed straight to Regent Street to take a look in Cos. Those who know me, know that it would be virtually impossible for me to go to London and not pay a visit to Cos! (I bought a few things…) Oh and enjoyed my fist two glasses of champagne of the evening too… :)

There was already a real buzz of excitement around this whole area; Regent Street, Conduit Street, Bond Street and Old Bond Street. Queue’s were forming outside many stores and boutiques, with expectant groups hoping to see some new product previews, enter competitions for some truly fabulous prizes, to take advantage of offers and discounts offered and generally to soak up the atmosphere alongside thousands of like-minded people all out to celebrate fashion.

Venturing over to Old Bond Street, you could feel the buzz growing – bands playing, music blaring and crowds gathering. The street was shut off with carpet laid out, a Burlesque Band and performers were parading down the street who then went on to perform throughout Burlington Arcade. I actually got goose bumps walking down Old Bond Street – it really made me smile. The atmosphere was ace. I stared in astonishment at the queue for Alexander McQueen which spanned the length of the street. I thought I had to at least try to get in to the store so I queued for 30 mins or so – however I knew I would have been there all night and there were other places I wanted to go.

So I walked over to Covent Garden to go to the Opening Ceremony pop up store and their Korean themed street party. SUCH a cool place! Great music and an awesome collection of clothes including an ace Gitman Bros shirt..! Met some great people – all seemingly of the same enthusiasm and excitement for the night.

I was only down there for 3 hours or so but I was totally enraptured by the whole event. I absolutely loved it! Next year I will spend more time there for sure and will try to get as many people to come with me as possible – for I am certain they would enjoy it as much as I did.

What a fantastic concept though – for most people the world of fashion is experienced mainly through high street and online shopping, and magazines, which although inspiring and exciting in their own way, do not actually ‘involve’ you a massive amount. However Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out allows everyone to join in and be part of the celebration of Fashion. Just brilliant.

So who is coming with me next year?? 

Vogue Fashion Night Out

Alexander McQueen

Opening Ceremony

Radio Silence

Apologies for the radio silence for the last week or so. I have been mental busy.

Plus I have been trying to get over lost love. Dramatic I know! But it is just making me want to sleep – and sleep is not really conducive to writing is it…?!

What I should do really is write when I wake at 3 or 4 in the morning when my thoughts awake me, preventing me from sleeping any more. I then usually have a good couple of hours to be productive. This would obvious be much better than allowing the same thoughts to repeat themselves over & over again, until I eventually have to shout at myself to stop; ’stop it Alison. Stop thinking!’

So that is what I will do from now on in and hopefully start writing some more. I have a whole bunch of things ready to write about too – I just need to get on with it now and stop being silly… :)



Fashion and the Fashion Film

I watch quite a number fashion videos. Most of them are ace; well written, well directed, amazing cinematography and of course beautiful styling and clothes.

I love how the fashion industry has crossed the border in to film. I think it was only a matter of time until this happened The runway shows are films in themselves and there is SO MUCH much creativity and imagination within the industry that it is therefore only natural that the designers and design houses create specific videos and films to showcase their collections.


Prada – A Therapy by Roman Polanski

Movies and movies stars combine to show their love for Prada. Stunning clothes, awesome actors (Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley) . This is just fantastic! No other words…





Chanel Haute Couture A/W 2012 by Trevor Undi

This film is one of the best I have seen. It is actually a runway show, but as I said above these shows are complete and thorough presentations and works of art in themselves. I absolutely love the hard editing, the sound, the music, the lighting… Superb!

Watch it via Business of Fashion:


This kind of follows on from The Tux and The Woman post, or at least links back to it.

So in the photo of myself I was wearing a lace tie from Marwood. And it is Marwood that I wish to write about today.

Simply, Marwood make and supply the most exquisite ties you will have seen. Each tie using traditional English lace woven to form unexpected and intricate contrasts in colour and pattern against the English silk or cotton linings.

Their first collection was launched in January 2011 and they have since produced two more ranges for 2012 – each getting better and better with subtle variances of design.

The range has been slowing expanding over the last few years and they are stocked in some great stores across the world including Liberty UK, Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, Barney’s New York and Alureville Tokyo. Soon to be launching their own online store mid September.

What I love most about their ties is how beautifully woven the silk designs are, creating gorgeous patterns unique to anything else I have seen before. Ties that are suited for both men and women. This I can say with confidence – I own two of their ties, one of which was borrowed by a friend of mine for a wedding he was attending. He looked extremely handsome and stylish indeed!

I seek out occasions in which to wear the ties as they are too good to be shut away in the wardrobe. They need to be worn with pride and they really do draw attention and comment.

They are stunning.


Questions. Answers?


To me, & to you…

What should I do?

I know what I should do. I KNOW it!


…knowing what to do is one thing. Feeling what to do is entirely different…


Time has passed, and all is still the same; nothing has changed. Hopes, dreams, feelings the same. Confusion, the same.

Life is too short. Way to short. I realise this, do you?

It IS simple.

…can such an opportunity be let go? To drift on by. To what? Nothing?

Can I walk away?

Yes, I HAVE to. I really have to.

No more.

My heart will have to take the hit. Deal with it. Move on…



I’m a bit delayed in writing about this, however here it is eventually… :)

So I attended the Midlands Fashion (MFDA) pre-show Networking Soiree last thursday evening at Sirlings Bar in Birmingham. Having never attended anything like this before I had no idea to what expect, however the Twitter feeds coming through from them MFDA sounded friendly and exciting so I was hoping the event would have the same feel.

I wasn’t wrong.

The event was relaxed and informal, which I believe was a good thing as it helped conversation beyond the obvious pleasantries. The venue was a good choice also – a cool, sophisticated place located just off St.Pauls Square.

One observation I had was that there didn’t seem a huge amount of networking happening – most people seemed to be standing in their known pairs or groups. Now I know it is up to the individuals to network, but as this the first networking event MFDA had held, may be the MFDA reps could have assisted this by moving from group to group, forming associations and introductions? Just to help things along a bit. Just a thought :)

One more little bit of feedback for next years event – a little more structure would have been beneficial – just in the form of announcement of when the short fashion show was about to start. Also as the models walked through some presented information of the designs, the designer and maybe gesture to their presence, if they were there, would have been nice.

All in all it was an interesting and different night. I met with a number of the designers nominated for this years finals – it was encouraging to hear how keen and excited they were.

The MFDA is a good and positive thing. Fashion is a hard industry to breaking to, and what MFDA are offering is that little helping hand for new and aspiring designers in the Midlands, to showcase their work. Also offering them the opportunity to meet with members of the industry – any of whom could prove to be their second step forward in to the fashion business.

One of the finalist in particular, Faye Teresa, a print textile designer, was so humble and appreciative of the opportunity that in my mind, it convinced me that the people at MFDA are doing a good job and that the awards are offering great opportunities.

Very worth while.

I look forward to the main awards on 19th October.

By tickets here: http://mfdafashionshowcase2012.eventbrite.com


Stirlings Bar

I think one of the most glorious things a woman can do in fashion, with their style, is to be entirely content and confident with their femininity and sexuality to wear masculine and androgynous type clothing.

The epitome of this is a women wearing a tuxedo. Really, a tuxedo is absolute masculinity; he sharp, clean lines of a tailored tux is constructed to show a mans shape, to make them stand powerful and protective. For a woman wearing a tuxedo she has to have the confidence to be able to stand tall and feminine alongside these men.

The Brilliance of Yves Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent is the genius we need to thank for introducing the world to the women’s androgynous tux. In 1966, at his couture show, a model was sent down the catwalk in his ‘Le Smoking’ tuxedo. It comprised of velvet trim black pantsuit, white shirt with ruffled cuffs, complimented with a large black bow tie and high-heeled black satin boots. ‘Le Smoking’ became iconic.

The Helmet Newton 2004 photo for French Vogue encapsulated this look. A photo that has been reproduced and reused many many times. It is one of my most favourite fashion photos.

Unquestionable Femininity

Keira Knightley did a shoot for Elle magazine back in 2008, where she sported a mink jacket, wide legged satin pants and waistcoat, white shirt (all by Hermes), a white bow tie, two-tone wing-tip brogues (Church’s) and a Patricia Underwood wool hat to complete the look. It is a stunning shot and stunning styling.

True Style

Janelle Monae. Style icon? I think so. Janelle dresses her signature tuxedo-type suiting impeccably. She varies this style effortlessly making it look the same, but not the same, alternating ruffle neck blouses, crisp white shirts, braces, classic bow tie, ladies bow ties, reverse colour combinations, but almost always opting for classic black and white. Just brilliant.


The Novice

Having loved this look for so long, I decided try it for myself for a party last year. I nearly faltered at the last moment and wore a dress, however I thankfully regained my confidence in time. My outfit definitely did not comprise of couture designers, instead I wore H&M velvet jacket, Nicole Farhi trousers, Reiss shirt, Marwood lace tie, and Kurt Geiger patent leather high-heeled shoes. I looked different to everyone else. And do you know what? I felt amazing – I don’t think I had ever held myself so well. It is the best outfit I have ever worn.

The women’s tuxedo will never go out of fashion. Try it.

Confidence, sexuality and femininity. It is a powerful combination.


I was first introduced to the work of Jenny Saville earlier this year on a great and lovely visit to Tate Modern. I was shown her work whilst browsing the excellent bookshop there, and was lucky enough to receive a brief but engaging introduction to the artists work. From there on in I was a fan and was glad to read and see any reference to her work.

On a brief trip to Oxford the other week I noticed a railway station advert for a Jenny Saville exhibition at Modern Art Oxford. So I had to go.

Jenny is from Oxford which I guess is maybe the reason she chose this city as the place for her first Solo Exhibition in a public gallery.

Upon entering the gallery, I was first struck by the size of her drawings and paintings. I never realised she worked on that scale. I was pleased by this because I could then revel in the brilliant loose daubs and strokes of paint she uses in her paintings. The scale made these even more impressive.

On display were a collection of some of her recent multi-aspect and multi-layered drawings and studies of mother and child. I had not seen these before so they quite surprised me. In the gallery’s main space you are presented with a good number of her most well known and recognised paintings: ‘Reverse’, ‘Torso II’, ‘Bleach’, ‘Hyphen’.

Her paintings are amazing to look at in a book, but wow, in person they are astonishing! I love her brush work; the strokes look completely randomly placed but create the image without effort. The colours used to highlight differing skin tone is so descriptive but is without question.

In ‘Bleach’ they eyes were so life like that I walked right up close to see what was reflected in them – I swear I could see a sea scape with jutting rocks. The light and life in them were incredible.

In her paintings I see absolute beauty; of form and colour. But I also see resigned apathy which makes some quite hard to look at I think. Like the people in them are waiting for you to challenge their resignation and their apathy. This is just my opinion though. I wonder what your thoughts are?

It is a really great exhibition and well worth a visit. Go and see it and let me know what you think.

The exhibition is on until 16th September.


A Different Love

I haven’t read or saw or watched or found anything to share with you this time.

I am writing this more for myself I suppose. I know it will be of no interest to pretty much everyone apart from me and maybe one or two others. But maybe some may have experienced something similar…

I want to write about what an extraordinary week of emotions I have had; I was very sad at the start of the week, really quite upset, wondering how to bring myself out of the despondency.

Now this sounds odd, but I decided last minute to have a change of hair style…Lol :) This always works for me in bringing me out of a slump – silly I know, but it makes me feel and think differently, about situations and life, and about myself.

I relaxed.

Hope returned.

By the end of the week I was laughing and smiling a lot and I am now feeling pretty positive. I am very grateful for all I have, for my family, and for my friends, who are just ace.

But the real reason I am writing this, and the reason the week was so extraordinary, is that in this new relaxed state, I seemed to feel love a whole lot more than I had previously. I felt love, in love…

That was unexpected, but actually very lovely indeed.




Just bought issue 8 of Love Magazine – their Autumn/Winter 2012 edition.

This is the only magazine I buy and I am more than happy to wait 6 months in between issues – it is well worth the wait…

LOVE is such a balanced, considered, provocative & indulgent publication. The fashion, art and creativeness on display is sumptuous, making you want to be part of that world.

Katie Grand is an incredible magazine and fashion editor. The content, ideas and design she imagines are inspiring. I like that she is not conventional. Boundaries are pushed. Also that she is not afraid to shock at times.

Each issue is a real bible of fashion, art and photography. And before you even reach the content you are invited to admire the wonderful campaigns from the very best designers. The whole issue is such a treat.

If you enjoy creativity of any sort, even just a little bit, then go and buy LOVE and fall in to the beauty.


I have decided that the film ‘Control’ about the band Joy Division, staring Sam Riley, is one of my most favourite films.
I watched it again last night for maybe the 4th or 5th time. The acting is fantastic, the direction & pace captivating. As sad as the story is, I actually think it inspiring & hopeful. Now many may not agree with me, but I see life in it even though there is depression & death. Ian Curtis probably had more experience in his short life than many of us will have in our whole lifetime. And I’m talking about emotion & feeling & expression here. All of which is displayed though the music & songwriting. Amazing.
What made the film even more special for me, & has nothing to do with the film, is that I watched it last night with a friend & he thought it a great film too. It’s so good when that happens; when something you totally love is appreciated, understood & liked by someone who means a lot to you. Somehow it seems to confirm that they understand you & get what makes you tick. Also the shared appreciation is most satisfying & warming.
So, if anyone is actually reading this post & thinks they may fancy watching it, then you should. See if you feel the life in it.
I’ll even provide a link for you to purchase it right now…!
Hope you like it.



For some reason I have really struggled to write this post. I have started it numerous times and then deleted what I had written.

I want to write about the Italian fashion brand CO|TE. I want to say so much about it, but I am struggling. And do you know why? Because really, the clothes speak for themselves.

They are gloriously stylish, elegant and edgy.

Absolutely my style…!

I don’t own any of their collection yet, but I hope to one day.

CO|TE – for ‘A…Woman, who loves to experiment without being ordinary’



Merging 2012 by Masha Reva
I saw this collection by Masha Reva, and shoot by Synchrodogs, some months back and it has stayed in my mind ever since.

Pattern and contrast is the extreme opposite of my own personal style, like so far apart it is untrue. But maybe this is why I am so attracted it? I think it is stunning but actually quite obscure at the same time. Which is what makes it absolutely work I reckon.

There is so much going on in some of the scenes, yet the clothes still manage to draw your attention straight away – I guess that is what you get from great design…!

Anyway, I love it. See your yourself and decide what you think….




RA – Summer Exhibition

I saw a programme the other day about the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. I had never heard of this before and thought it wonderful that anyone, absolutely anyone, can enter their pieces of loving created art in the anguished hope that it will be selected out of the 11,000 entries, to be hung of the walls of this great institution.

I therefore have to go and see this before the show ends for this year:http://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibitions/summer-exhibition-2012/

Might have to start thinking of something to enter of next year…Hmmm…now that would be a long shot! :)

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